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At Tri 好色先生tv Tech not only do we want to see our students thrive in their program, but we also want to see them excel far beyond that. Our vision of 鈥榠nspiring success through life-changing learning experiences鈥 doesn鈥檛 stop in the classroom. We offer placement services for career and college planning to all of our students, both high school and adults.

These services include college prep, career planning & readiness, as well as assistance with entry into military service. We offer students the opportunity to improve on soft skills, build resumes, practice in mock interviews, get in front of recruiters, and connect with companies about open positions related to their training. Our placement team can assist students while they are with us and after they graduate to ensure their success.

All Things Placement – Video Series

Placement Resources

College Bound:


US Army


Our Facebook group offers the latest news about placement and career opportunities in the community. Join to be the first to know about specific opportunities and see highlighted careers for Tri 好色先生tv Tech students and graduates.

Employement Opportunities:

  • – Email Resume:

  • Check out this easy online tool available for all Oklahomans to explore and guide their future. You can take assessments, identify occupations, establish education plans and, ultimately, connect to employers. Whether you are a student searching for career and college options or an adult looking for a new career path, OK Career Guide is a powerful tool to provide all the career and educational resources you will need to chart your course for the future.

    Interview Skills:

    Our placement team offers interview training to help you land that perfect career, including:

    • Tips and tricks
    • Resume samples
    • Mock questions
    • STAR model

    We’re Here To Help!

    Contact our placement services team – they can answer any questions you may have. They offer career placement assistance while you are attending school and after graduation to ensure your success!

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